When told “Be a Man”, how many men really know what that means? How, if asked, would one define what a man really is? How should a man act?

How does a boy grow into a man? How does he understand what an authentic man is? How can I raise my son into the biblical standard of a man? What are the standards that my son can measure himself against to know if he is going down the right path? The Godly path?

"The Measure of a Man" tools are for everyday training.
They are visual tools you can use to aspire sons or young men. They're tools that will help guide him in his journey to understanding God’s view of him, his place in life, and what he has to contribute.When the world says he is one thing or peers are leading him to be something other, "The Measure of a Man" tools are a visual place he can look, remember and say “No, this is who I really am.”

Lead him to success in life as a young man with integrity and character; to be a godly leader, a valiant husband, and a man of God no matter where life may take him. The world is in need for him to be what he was made to be… an authentic man, with real standards, that people can look up to and align themselves with.